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What is Kokopelli? , Kokopelli is a Native American myth, the god of fertility,abundance and spring, is the god of music, joy and agriculture. It is a symbol of joy and enthusiasm, good fortune and abundance in all levels.

So we, a company effective, capable, rich in knowledge and above all happy with ourwork and cheerful and respectful of our customers, we give our best and provide superior service.

In these times of concerns we wish to serve, to help them disappear some problemsat low cost and high quality service.

let us help!!

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Our company has the most capable and experts, we are proud of our staff. We have over 45 combined years of experience in the market, first in Venezuela, when our founders created a company called Mayvit Services de Venezuela, based in the city of Valencia, Edo Carabobo.

This company sells, supplies and services in the area of computer and services, but our strength was the consulting and technical services in the industrial sector, companies like Pirelli of Venezuela, Molanca, were mounted industrial PLC networks under the environment Wonderware supervisory system.

With the winds of change in Venezuela, the founding members settled in the city of Doral for 7 years. 

It opened a new company called Kokopelli Usa Corp to expand our portfolio of satisfied customers with the passage of time.

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